Tony’s Trip to NCMPR District 1

By Tony Poillucci

I was honored to be presenting again at this year's NCMPR District 1 conference at the lovely (and HUGE) Gaylord National Harbor Resort and Conference Center. For those of you who have not yet attended, the NCMPR conferences are a fairly unique experience in that there is an overwhelming sense of support and camaraderie that just seems to be in the very fabric of this group and it's attendees.

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Meet Our Team

By Cory Watson

We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve always had a pretty good looking team at VisionPoint Marketing. Over the last couple of years, as our team has expanded and added some fantastic new faces, we seem to only be getting better with age. We had each member of the VisionPoint team take a seat in front of a camera to answer some questions about work and life. We hope they provide you with some insight into the kind of company VisionPoint really is and the people that work here.

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Shopping for a CMS? Invest in a Content Strategy First

By Matt Walters

Shopping for a CMS? Invest in a Content Strategy First

Time and again, we have watched institutions make significant (and often costly) investments of time and resources into developing and embracing a new CMS, only to end up stuck in the same content challenges that led them to change CMSes in the first place. That’s because your CMS, like any technology, is a tool—nothing more, nothing less. It needs a master craftsman to wield it. No technology solution, no matter how intricate or easy to use, will automatically empower your content creators with the knowledge of what content to create, who’s responsible for creating it, and how to manage it over time. Your CMS is only as good as your content strategy.

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