For Online Marketing, Every Media Channel Shrinks… Except Mobile

 By JP Sherman 

For Online Marketing, Every Media Channel Shrinks… Except Mobile

Reading today's e-marketer article about the spread, usage and change in habits of media usage is interesting, but not surprising. In 2008, people spent an average of 14 hours per day consuming and interacting with various forms of media. In 2009, that number shrunk by 17% to consuming 12 hours per day. 



The Yankee Group said, 











US ad spending was down in 2009 as marketers and consumers alike tightened their belts during the recession. And while Americans looked to save money and trim expenses, they also began to spend less time with media, causing a worse drop in ad spending.



The trend shows that online media consumption is still the major source for media consumption and other media channels continue their decline. Out of the 12 hours spent consuming media, just over 4 hours per day were spent online, just over 3 were watching TV and video, music, radio and mobile phones landed at just above a single hour, while video games, landline phones and reading averaged out at around a half of an hour per day. 

The biggest shift from these measurements was that talking on a mobile phone was up 12%, mobile web browsing was up 36% and texting rose up 55% to consume almost a half an hour per day of people's time.

One important thing to consider is that this survey was not taken digitally, The Yankee Group polled people on their habits in order to get these numbers. While Nielsen and other research groups have not shown the same trends in media usage, the one point that they all agree on is the continuing rise of the mobile platform.

So, what can we learn about online marketing from these numbers?

While the economy has absolutely affected the consumption time and the amount of money spent in online marketing, there's a bit of wisdom that's not immediately visible.

The importance of mobile marketing is on the rise.

Every marketer has to reduce the overall distance between the company, the message the consumer and the product. This means that when you're marketing to someone, you had do the following.

  • Deliver the right message to the user (Buy my widget!)
  • Convince the consumer that getting it now is better than waiting (My widget is 10% off NOW!)
  • Wait for the consumer to visit your store or website (Hurry home to your computer)
  • Make the purchase (Hooray!)

Mobile marketing and e-commerce is a much more efficient way to reach, communicate and even convert consumers. The distance between company and conversion is shortened because everything you (as a company) and the consumer needs is right there in your smartphone.

  • Consumer sees a mobile ad, an app, a SMS marketing message (Buy my widget!)
  • Consumer goes to mobile site that's optimized for mobile visitors or downloads the app (Hey Look! It's 10% off for mobile users!)
  • Consumer buys the widget. (Hooray!)

While there will always be a place for the traditional mode of marketing, the rise of smartphones, mobile marketing and mobile e-commerce is a signal to businesses that online marketing budgets should start incorporating the importance and convenience of mobile.

So what's next?

First and foremost, modify your site so that it loads in a mobile browser. At VisionPoint Marketing, when we design a mobile site, we make sure it's clean, it loads fast and that it works. Don't worry about the effects on SEO, we've got that covered too. We know how to use the best practices of mobile search to make it easy for customers to contact you. 

Run some mobile ads, if you're interested in advertising on the iPhone, there's an interesting new platform from Apple coming. Of course, Google ads run on all platforms now. 

If you've got the budget and are willing to create a cross-mobile platform application, that can be a great way to reach users too. Take a look at's mobile app. You can sign into your account and purchase things on the go. It's simple, easy and only takes a few touches. 

Check us out, we've got our hands on the data, the research and the skill to bring it all together.

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